Come to Ga Den Haag

Become a Hague connoisseur

Do you, like us, have a passion for The Hague? Does your heart beat faster when you see the skyline of The Hague? It would be nice if you could share it with others.

Come to Ga Den Haag if:

  • Guide for city walks, bike tours, scooter tours or on the Ooievaart
  • Skipper of the Ooievaart;
  • desk employee;
  • Working in the maintenance team on boats/bicycles etc.;
  • Booking Clerk
  • Use your expertise to improve our systems and processes at the office;

People who work for us like to share their enthusiasm and are customer-friendly. There is plenty to do in our team. There is a lot of demand for tours in another language, so if you speak English, French or German, come join us!

Join us in combination with your studies or with a job. Do you like this, or do you want to know more?

Contact us!
or call 070 – 747 01 02.

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